Our Innovative Repair Solutions

We specialize in all aspects of routine and emergency on-line leak sealing on a call-out basis. Your Forge Tech team delivers cost competitive solutions using an experienced team that is focused on performance and safety.We operate using five basic service principles: Safety first. Competitive pricing. Engineered documented solutions. Regulatory compliance. Effective response every time.

Storage Tank Repair

Traditional Solutions
Forge Bonding Solutions

Engineered solutions for Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST). Roof, shell and floor repairs on-line without process interruption.

Valve Repair

Valve Packing Restoration
and Maintenance

Cost effective solution for managing emissions through the installation of a permanent maintenance service port.

Stud Installation

No Hotwork Permit Required
Multiple Applications

Safer, stronger and more consistent stud applied using our patented portable forge bonding system.

Leak Sealing On-Line

Custom Clamps & Enclosures
Forge Bonding Applications

24x7 on-call services for routine and emergency on-line leak sealing. Technical support delivered by an experienced team.